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...a full service family law firm providing legal services regarding divorce,
child support, custody/visitation, maintenance and property/debt division.

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Family law issues are usually a time of great personal crisis. The division of your home, savings, retirement, and the separation of your family - these are difficult things to do, and these are difficult times.

Laura and Paul have over 60 years of combined experience handling family law matters - we have learned a few things along the way. We learned to focus on the important issues, and the long view - which meant fostering, whenever possible, civility and respect between the parties, and between counsel. When that was not possible, we never hesitated to use the legal system to protect our clients, and their children.

Laura semi-retired at the end of 2015, and Paul is doing the same at the end of 2016. Neither of us is sure how much legal work we will be doing, going forward. We are certainly no longer interested in, or set up to handle, complex litigation. We are both considering continuing to provide consultations on complex matters, however, and help with other, limited problems and issues.

You are welcome to contact us to determine our availability to help you with your problem. Email (see contact page) is probably the best method.