About Our Firm

Laura Banks and Paul Reni have over 60 years of combined family law experience. We do all sorts of family law, meaning: dissolution of marriage (divorce), legal separation, parenting plans (custody/residential time), child support, maintenance (alimony), modifications, paternity, domestic violence, visitation (parenting plans/residential time) rights. We have done everything from simple, uncontested divorces to complex dissolution litigation. We both have extensive experience in both King and Snohomish counties, the only two counties we serve.

Our philosophy is to help you determine your own family law solution, if at all possible, rather than have a judge or other judicial officer decide for you. Whenever possible we work towards family solutions through settlement, mediation, collaborative, and cooperative law.

Sometimes that isn't possible - not every situation can be resolved out of court. In those circumstances we are willing and ready to take the matter to court for appropriate relief. Both Paul and Laura have years of experience in all phases of family law motions practice and trial.

We believe the initial interview consultation is a critical time in your case. At that meeting we will analyze and assess your situation, identify your goals, talk about options, and arrive at a strategy to help you achieve your goals. Our goal, always, is to help you achieve the best result with as little expense and emotional turmoil as possible. Although we will advise you of your options, and make a recommendation, the choice of how to proceed is ultimately yours.