Collaborative Divorce

Alternative Approaches to Traditional Divorce Processes

The traditional divorce process is where each party is represented by his or her own attorney, or is representing themselves. Although all these cases can be called 'adversarial', the truth is that 95-98% of family law cases settle without going to trial. Many traditional cases need temporary orders in place at the beginning of the process, sometimes those can be worked out by agreement, sometimes a court commissioner needs to make a decision.

There are several different approaches to divorce where the parties work together to come up with their own solutions for their lives during and after divorce. One new approach is collaborative divorce, where the parties agree to decide about their lives themselves with no court intervention. The parties pledge to take no court action unless it is agreed to by both of them. We are trained and experienced in the collaborative process.

In a cooperative divorce, each party is represented by an attorney. The attorneys and clients work together to resolve the issues, but they still have the court as an option if necessary. Many if not most divorces can be effectively handled in this fashion.

We believe that our clients are well-served by staying out of court as often as possible and we don’t want to spend our clients’ money on expensive litigation when it is unnecessary. When it is necessary, we don't hesitate to use the system to protect you.